As a child I fell in love with the medium of ink in my grandpa’s garage (aka: Inventions workshop). I learnt from him, the wonder of mindful honest mark making, gestures, and having the patience to allow for flow. This very essential balance between control and chaos is at the root of my art practice to this day. My art practice is my relationship with ink that involves skill, harmony, dialogue and intuition.
Intuition is an interesting and mysterious sense we all have that gives us a greater understanding of our world. Life is full of diversity, in constant progressive flux and it can’t be contained. We all come from diverse contexts with different valued feelings and experiences. This was best said by Eugene T. Gendlin “Experience is a myriad richness. We think more than we can say. We feel more than we can think. We live more than we can feel. And there is much more still.”
The simplicity of the everyday is a great source of imaginative adventure for me. I enjoy “taking it all in” with honest experience and being present. Beauty and stories unfold around me everyday. This gives me a sense of great urgency to take note of all that is happing as life follows around me. I feel that if I don’t, it would be missing and the beauty felt in an insignificant moment will remain unknown.  This is how my artworks come into being. It is important that I share these feelings and experience, by taking what is seemingly insignificant and changing it into something that is an invitation for a unique imaginative journey.
My aim is to re-presence a presence. I want to grab this awe and wonder from living life by allowing it to be felt in my works. It is a seemingly impossible task, but a challenge I embrace nonetheless. I want to capture my daily experiences, while being fully aware and present at the same time. Sometimes the act of taking a photograph of a moment means you miss something that is not in the focus of the lenses. I chose to solve this problem by attaching a small camera to my body (on my head or arm or waist) and I set it to capture at random time intervals. In this way I am free to experience the gestalt of a place and collect unpredictable tangible fragments. From these random images and memories, I select, edit and embody an artwork that is not meant to be a representational but rather an invitation for an exploration. A re-presence for the abundance of possibilities that can be drawn from varied valued cognitions.
I believe an artwork is unique as if it has a personality that engages a relationship with the observer and the artist. We give something of our selves to create and to appreciate an artwork; and in that space there is an unknown something between that can’t be explained in words.