The unique narrative language of sequential art has inspired my works as fine artists for many years. My artwork is almost always about the conversation each image has within and with the others works in an exhibiting space. When I work on and exhibition I will consider a sequential narrative and grow a story working form one image to the next. I share a love for comic styles and techniques with graphic novel artist. Although my output is different to a comic book artist, I channel my influence through fine artists media. I aim to create, walk-in Graphic Novels, but sometimes my stories develop into openbook windows or a sequential series.

The simplicity of the everyday can be a great source for imaginative adventure. I enjoy understanding what it means to be honestly, present. Stories unfold around me in the everyday and I use this in my work. 

My other interests I use in my creative practices are: - Taking what seems boring and and changing it into something interesting.  - Imagination, experimentation and play. - Honesty of thought being transfer through drawing and mark making. - Unique personalities and moods found in lines and colour choices.  - Sketchbooking and idea mining.  - Inventing games. - Sharing ideas. - Discovering different methods of storytelling.  -Readers imagination space between sequential images.

Recent Work