Recent work

Works done at Gwi Gwi

Artworks done in a place where I moved studios a lot but still in the same street, Gwi gwi mrwebi - Newtown.

From one of my studios with many many many windows

I once had a studio in Johannesburg at the edge of the CBD that had more windows than wall space. These are some of the artworks that came out of there.

ink on canvas | 100x100cm


ink on canvas | 140x70cm

Commute Quest

Commute Quest, is the result of a route of a lived South African expedition in a banal daily commute. The concept of the work came from my love of being a passenger instead of a driver. SA Taxi Art Award Winner 2016.

Joburg In Mind

Rather than covering a canvas with paint to suggest a window into another space and time – the space of the painting and the time of its content – I chose to work directly from the familiar and recognisable.