Strong Silence

One of the most memorable places, where I was surrounded by a profound strong silence was in the Drakensberg after a long journey. I wondered perhaps if the strong silence would be felt there, in such a profound way, if it was not attached to a long journey. My approach to this exhibition, titled Strong Silence, visually investigates whether a state of strong silences is an environmental or situational experience. The original aim for ‘Strong Silence’ was to create a visual journey through a series of works that would be expressed in profound visual moments. It was important to work intuitively on this exhibition so that it too became a journey as well as being about many other journeys. I believe that drawing is a form of true thought transferred through mark making. As an ink artist, I extended my relationship with ink further by working with print medium drawing methods, real time drawing and emotive drawing. The inspiration for the works were sourced from South African landscapes where I found moments of silence in the past 2 years, weather it came from the wind, or a young forest, or a public park. All the environments share the same found moments of strong silence. The journey to a strong silence became my subject matter. My intuitive process has resulted in my different landscape tales with some dissolving, and others became a complex narrative of a pathway.