The Order of Chaos & Joburg Sinrin-yoko

Spaces and places in a big city that carry the emotions of being in a forest / highveld.

Running On Empty

This body of work is mined out of conversations, roof tops, walks, windows, reflections, human trace, movement and constant development encountered in daily Johannesburg city life. Just as the dust in the air becomes part of us as we breath in the daily construction and deconstruction of the city, so too do the works remind us of our physical and emotional links to the city of Johannesburg.

Joburg In Mind

Rather than covering a canvas with paint to suggest a window into another space and time – the space of the painting and the time of its content – I chose to work directly from the familiar and recognisable.

Panoramic Communiting

Panoramic Commuting, is the result of a route of a lived Johannesburg voyage in a banal daily commute. The concept of the work came from my love of being a passenger instead of a driver.

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